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The benefits of hiring Randy to sell your property

Selling any property requires a certain amount of experience and expertise. However, successfully selling investment property requires something much more. There are major differences in property valuation, working with investors, the financing required, working with tenants and on and on. You can not over estimate the value of experience when it comes to selling investment real estate. 

Not to mention that it doesn't cost any more to hire an expert but it can cost you much not to.

Do yourself a huge favor and evaluate me and my experience versus other Realtors.

What to do next:

Overview of Randy's Process:

* There are many, many things that occur from the pre sale through the sale closing process. This is not a full list of those items, just an overview. 

  • When you contact me, I will get some preliminary information about your property(s) 
  • I will schedule a time to meet you at the property to perform a "walk through" of the property 
  • I will evaluate your property and prepare an analysis using the "income approach" or the "comparable sales approach" or a combination of both, depending on your property.
  • I will sit down with you to review your properties valuation, my marketing methods and we will discuss your options 
  • If you decide to go ahead, we will create a time line and I will lay out what will happen in the coming days, weeks, etc. 
  • I will set up a detailed website featuring your properties specifics, photos, map, video tour and financials, etc. 
  • I will  employ various traditional and online marketing methods to drive as much traffic to your website as possible
  • When we generate an offer, I will present and explain it to you in detail
    • We will discuss accepting it as is or countering it
  • We will verify the buyers credit and financing to be sure that they can perform on the contract
  • We will work through any property inspections that are required and eliminate all contingencies
  • We will set up the closing and ensure that the process comes together smoothly
  • Last but not least... you will receive your hard earned equity!

If you are ready to get started, just click here.

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