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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Twin City Realty Investments?   

A: TCRI is owned and operated by Randy Hoese. Click here to learn more about me.  

Q: Why should I choose you to sell my property? 

A: The vast majority of real estate agents focus their attention on selling single family owner occupied homes and some times something else depending on what their particular client wants. This is how I got started as well. The problem with this is you never really become an expert unless you focus all your time and attention on one niche of real estate, which is what I've done.

Q: Can't I just list my property with my friend/brother/neighbor/other Realtor I know?

A: Sure you can. I just believe in hiring experts who specialize. Just like if your car has a transmission problem, are you going to take it to the general mechanic or to the transmission specialist? Who would you expect to get better service from? The person that you choose to list your income property should be an expert and focus their daily attention on marketing it to potential buyers. This is a critical process, so pick an expert.

Q: Can't you still sell my property if I list it with someone else?

A: I focus my daily attention on promoting and selling the properties for the people who put their trust in me to do so. My main obligation is always toward the people who hire me. 

Q: I just want someone to put my property on the MLS. Don't all properties sell from the MLS?

A: If that were true, there would be little need for Realtors at all. In fact, did you know that a large percentage of income properties aren't even listed on the MLS system. I will actively market your property via online internet methods that have been proven to be very successful. I market with the assumption that just being listed on the MLS will not result in a buyer.

Q: How do you find buyers for your listings?

A: I don't ignore the traditional ways BUT today studies show that at least 85% of all buyers start looking and researching online. Multi family buyers tend to be even more sophisticated because of their experience level, so it's probably closer to 100% for my buyers.

Q: I'm listed with xyz company but my property isn't selling. What should I do?

A: Talk to your agent and work with him/her to determine why it isn't selling. If your contract ends and it's still not sold, feel free to contact me.

Q: How much would you charge to sell income property? 

A: My  fee schedule varies depending on the property. When you contact me, I will give you a specific break down of what it costs to sell a property including my specific fee options for your property.